opening day set!

Hello blogosphere! Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted anything. Everything is going super well. The restaurant is looking fabulous, my kitchen is spotless, we just passed our health inspection and best of all we have an opening date! Sunday June 20th Laci's Tapas Bar will be open for business. We are doing a fathers day brunch as our first day! How fun and cute it will be. Finally I am comfortable sharing all the info with you guys. My lack of posting was a) I have been so busy I can barely breath and b) I just wasn't sure when to share more info with the world. But now that there are dates and menus set all is well. If you wanna see some pictures and the menu sneak peak check us out on facebook and our website.

Today we are making our whole brunch menu to test it and play with it. This is such a fun process! I promise this weekend I will sit down and write a lot more about what has been going on and post pictures. I hope everything is going well out there!

Lots of love,
Casey K


  1. congrats! this is super exciting!

  2. I'm so excited for you! good luck!

  3. So glad things are going well!! Good luck for the opening!! Can't wait to see pictures! :D

  4. Sound like SO much fun! good luck :)

  5. ok, so this is way random, but i remember you posting on my blog awhile back about being sad you missed the pen pal group i was starting; however, i do a new group every 2 months...and i was wondering if you wanted to sign up for july and august? just head on over to my blog for more info on it (and i have a blog button made by courtney, click on it for more info).

  6. i just found your blog, i LOVE cupcakes toooooo :) good luck with the restaurant, cant wait to see pics?! xo


  7. jerkcake!!, im back, sorry i didnt answer your qustions, i stop coming into the bloggosphere for some time, i live in for lauderdale very close to the beach, come visit anytime, ok xo

  8. Hi!
    Im giving you the Sunshine and the Versatile awards!


  9. Your blog is amazing! I hope everything is going well with your restaurant! :)