back at last!

Hello everyone! So sorry about the extended absence. I had planned a little blogging break for when I started my new job as a chef but then things just got crazy and the break got extended in order for me to keep my sanity. The past few weeks I've been meaning to come back but had nothing to really push me. Then I read Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet's post about why it's important to her to document her life and I realized some day this really could come in handy to see my daily ramblings. The past few months I haven't written anything down and took only 2 pictures! Ek! What a large gaping hole in my life. Now I promise myself to write a blog at least every other day and take a million more pictures. Time to dust of the 18 million cameras I have and actually use them.

So here is a quick round up of whats been happening this summer while I've been hiding from the internet.

-I started a new job.
-I promptly left that job.
-I went back to the bakery and love every second of it.
-My friend Emily gave me some new hair.
-The boy might be joining the navy.
-We MOVED! Now we live in this awesome apartment in an old Victorian house.
-We might be moving into a bigger more awesomer apartment at the same place within the next month.

There are a few more way exciting things to share in the near future! But you have to wait. That's part of the fun.

A few more things to look forward to:

-A tour of our current apartment. It's amazing.
-Millions of pictures of Sadie. She grew!
-Some new recipes and lots of food pictures.

On that note I shall leave you with the only two pictures of me from this summer. The first is on the Fourth of July with Emily and the second is of me and a puppy my dad babysat. She was bigger than me.

Casey Kirkland Johnson


  1. i am so happy you are back! and excited to see your new apartment! <3

  2. Yeah you're back! My husband is in the military and while it's tough sometimes, I enjoy many aspects of our life. Can't wait to see your new place!

  3. yay welcome back! can't wait to see the apartment tour :)

  4. man you have had a busy time!! cant wait to see the new apartment even if it might be temporary!!

  5. so glad you're back! can't wait to read all about what's been going on!!

  6. Yeah! I'm stoked that your back. I can't wait to read your upcoming ramblings and such. I hope you go a bit more in depth into all of your new changes!

  7. Welcome back!! Can't wait to hear more!

  8. Glad to see you're back!
    My boyfriend is considering the National Guard/Army.

  9. Yay! I'm glad you're back...and my post inspired you to do so! :) :)