baby questions!

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words on my last post. It means so much to me to know I am not alone. These hormones are killing me over here. It doesn't help that our friends aren't very supportive. They all seem to not be into the idea of us having a kid. Almost like it's going to make us less fun and they will never see us again. Which is not true at all! But oh well life goes on. We are happy to be starting a family and that is all that matters.

Now I need some advice. I have been doing some research on what we are going to need for the little bear. Our house is small so we don't want to end up with a million toys and bouncy chair things and clothing we will never use. So we are hoping to make a registry early so our family doesn't go too wild and buy us all of Babies-R-Us. They are all really really really excited about the baby and although we love them we just don't want them to go tooooo crazy.

What do the moms out there recommend getting? What couldn't you live without? And what did you never ever use? We are thinking about doing the gdiapers since you can do both cloth and disposable inserts and the disposable ones are much better for the environment. Anyone use those?

Thanks for your help! Any advice would be wonderful. We are rather clueless when it comes to all of this.

<3 Casey


  1. I used both cloth and g-diapers. I like the g-diapers because when there is a big poo you don't have to rinse anything, just toss it. The downside is that I think they are a little pricey and you have to keep buying them, unlike cloth. I feel like I didn't do enough research on the cloth covers, I just bought whatever I saw. Next time I will be sure to read reviews and find out which ones really are the best leak proof option.
    I loved the BUMBO. It's like a little chair that the baby can "sit" in before they are ready to sit at all. I would also really really recommend a good sling to carry the baby in. We got the Moby wrap and loved it.

  2. Ugh your friends need to grow up. I am not a Mom myself but you must be terrified. My "friends" did this to one of our friends when she got pregnant. As if she was ruining EVERYTHING. F the haters. They'll feel stupid when that sweet baby is here. *HUGS from the Internet friend you didn't know you had!*

  3. I don't have any baby experience, or advice, but just wanted to say how crappy it is of your friends to not be happy for you / supportive. :(

  4. Ditto on the Bumbo chair like Katie mentioned.
    Also- a SWING! ours was un-livewithout-able.
    I never did cloth diapers, so I can't advise ya there.
    A bouncy seat. A good crib that will convert to a toddler bed. A lot of washcloths.
    That's all I can think of for now! xo

  5. That's really rough. Pregnancy can be a very lonely time... my friend Christina would say that to me when I was telling her how sad I was that none of my friends were supportive or even wanted to be around me, for that matter. It's so true. It made me feel like I wasn't good enough to hang out with unless it was to get wasted or something.