new jobber

Due to being all knocked up I have had some trouble at my job. Not like they are mad or anything. I just can't do my job anymore. Baking bread involves me picking up 50lb or more bins of dough for hours starting at 3 or 4 am. My doctor told me not to lift anything over 25lbs and I just couldn't keep up with the hours. After each shift I would feel terrible. Being that there was not another position for me to fill there I had to go out and find me a part time job. Guess where I found one?

JoAnn Fabric! All day I will be surrounded by fabric and crafty goodness. So excited! Plus we get free classes so you know I will be taking advantage of that offer! They even have part time insurance. I have to sit down and figure out if it will be worth it but if it is that would be fantastic! So far I have trained in the cutting counter and really loved it. The manager called me today to tell me that I will be mainly working there. It's a lot less like you are working a corporate job when you have your hands on the fabric all day and get to talk to customers about their projects. Plus you get to use these sweet little hand held computers. So fun.

I still won't be working full time so I am going to try to make some stuff to sell on etsy like I have always wanted to. Just have to narrow down all of my crazy ideas into something people will want to buy!

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Commiserations and then CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    What a great change!
    Will you miss your bakery job?

  2. sorry about having to leave the bakery. :/ but yayyyy for the new job!! i just went to joanns today. i always thought it would be fun to cut the fabric. plus you get to help people when they're like "uh...do these match?" haha. have fun, i'm jealous!

  3. Ek I forgot to write that I am at the bakery two days a week making cookies and weekend register. But not real baking. Thank you ladies!

  4. Looks like a fun job cause all these ideas will come to mind. Have fun narrowing down.