mom's suprise party

Earlier this month I drove up to my moms house which is 3 hours away. My stepfather Charlie had planned this big surprise party for her 51st birthday. She was slightly suspicious so I drove straight to their house about an hour before the party. This way she thought that I was the surprise. She was so funny when I just walked into the house in the middle of a Sunday, I wish I could see that look on her face more often! After we settled in we all drove to the place were her party was. She thought we were just going to dinner and couldn't figure out why Charlie was driving so slow, we left a bit early so he was stalling. The restaurant that the party was at is this old hotel in the middle of nowhere in the Adirondacks that is only open during the summer and fall but my mom loves it to death. When we walked in the owner, who is the cutest old lady ever, ran over and grabbed my mom and stared leading her out back. Now the mom knew something was out. Outside there were tons of tables set up with all of her friends and a tent with tons of food and cake. She was so surprised it was wonderful to see. The turnout was great, there were people there that she hasn't seen in 2 years! All in all it was a lovely relaxing evening and I am so glad I went.


A view from a stop on the way up. I've been told that I shouldn't drive for long periods of time without stopping and walking around. With this sort of view it's hard to be upset about it.

The mom and the cake.

The party towards the end when people had left. It was so nice out that day!

Crappy picture on the way home, but sooo happy!

In a few years we plan on picking up and moving up north that way. I can't wait to show up at my mom's house and have it not be a suprise!



  1. I can't wait til you move there, we will totally have to hang out!

  2. Yes we will! We can't wait to get out of this city and out there!