What I have been reading. pt 1

A few months ago I went on a trip up to my Mother's house. This lady has the largest book collection of any person that I know. So of course she sent me home with a million books to read! Here is a list of what I read over the summer. I will start with the first three now and then in a few days finish up with the last three!

I loved this book. It was a total tear jerker, my boyfriend thought I was dying at one point and ran into the room to check on me. At first I was afraid that it was going to be to lovey dovey for me, but it turned out to be just the right amount of loveyness. Oh and don't bother watching the movie after you read it. Like me you will just be angry.

Didn't read Twilight? Don't want to give in to the vampire trend. Don't worry there isn't a single vampire in this book. Stephenie Meyer's website describes it as "science fiction for people who don't like science fiction" and I couldn't say it better. Now as a firm lover of all things science fiction (and reader of the Twilight series, don't judge me!) I didn't even realize that this was science fiction for awhile. A fantastic book, readable even for people who hate her other stuff I promise.

When my mom gives me a book to read I don't read the description at all. It's fun going into a book not knowing what it's going to be about. With this one I got all sorts of confused for about the first half of the book as to what the hell was going on. Then I figured it out and realized that wasn't a bad thing. I definitively recommend this book if you are looking for something different to read. Brockmeir's writing was almost refreshing to me. After I had finished it I was excited that I had read it which is rare. Normally after finishing books I have to sit for a minute and think about what I just read. This one was like a breath of fresh air.

What did you read over the summer? Anything you would recommend?


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