13 weeks today!

"Your Baby in Week 13 of Pregnancy
What's up with your baby? Well, besides being as large as a peach now, that big old noggin of hers is now about half the size of her crown-to-rump length (that’s one reason why your little peach looks more like an alien from outer space at this point). By the time you give birth, her body will catch up, measuring three-quarters of her total size. What else is going on in there? Tiny bones are beginning to form in her arms and legs, the intestines are beginning to move from the umbilical cord to the abdomen, and the vocal cords are well under construction (the first step toward saying, "I love you, Mommy!"). And because she can move her arms and legs in a jerky fashion, she may be able to get her thumb into her mouth (a habit that may come in handy for self-soothing when she’s a newborn)." (from whattoexpect.com)

This week I am feeling pretty much the same. There is a tiny bit more pep in my step but otherwise still sleepy, and eating weird. I woke up this morning and Mike and I swear my tummy grew overnight. He is so funny, he will just stare at it all excited looking and say "my baby is in there!". I am so happy that he is just excited as I am. Most days he keeps me going when the tired moodieness takes over. I am so thankful for the life I have right now :)



  1. ¨I am so thankful for the life I have right now ¨
    so cute!!, the good thing is that you can/have to eat weird crazy things :)

    When my friend Vane was prego she ate things that she hated before, I find that very interesting :3

  2. yeah it's weird how that happens! too bad i wasn't a healthy eater when i was young :)

  3. Congrats on the pregnancy! Being a mother is the most amazing experience of my life! You are in for some truly loving times!