holidays and tumblr

First off I hope that everyone's Thanksgivings were great, or that your weekends were awesome if you don't live in the US. The holidays are always crazy around here because both Mike and my parents are divorced so there are FOUR different places to go and FOUR different families to spend time with. The amount of love is amazing but also very time consuming for this little mommy to be. There have also been a few days where I have been so worn out that I feel like I have a cold. Then I wake up and feel totally fine. Isn't that weird? I am sure it's just my bodies way of telling me to slow down.

After moving twice, starting and quiting three jobs, getting pregnant and dealing with everyday stresses life is hopefully going to slow down here for awhile. Our apartment is still all cluttered with our insane amount of stuff that we will never use. This week I am hoping to get it all cleaned out and then decorate for Christmas!!! Which is my favorite time of the year of course. Oddly enough I date the biggest Grinch in the world. This turns out amusing every year because I am always determined to overwhelm his bahhumbugness with Christmas cheer. And yes every year I win and this year I plan on doing the same thing!

Posting may still be a bit slow around here for a bit longer till things fully settle down but in the mean time I have been trying to post a photo or two on my tumblr which you can check out here if you would like. Once a week I will try to post all of them on here. Most of them are bad quality pictures from my handy little phone but it's a fun glimpse into my every day life. Here are a few that I have posted so far.

Hope all is well with everyone there out in blogland. If you are new to this blog leave your link so I can check out your blog!


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  1. cute! my birthday is the 5th! maybe we'll share. ;)