holidays wishlist!

The boy asked me to put together a list of things that I would like for my birthday and Christmas this year. I'm a Christmas baby born only 6 days before! Which sadly makes it harder on my family so I normally get a Christmas/Birthday present which is totally fine. I lovveee the holidays! So now here it is!

A nice point and shot camera, mine broke so it would be nice!

Or this lovely camera would be oh so fun!
I want these postcards to frame and put on my wall!

Various plugs from these guys! They make such pretty stuff.

I've wanted this paper doll set for my book corner forever:

There is a ton more on the actual list but I will spare you from all of it.

What do you want for Christmas this year?



  1. It seems so ridiculously frivolous but I want this popsicle maker from this site: http://www.zokuhome.com/

  2. my ears aren't gaged, but those plugs are so awesome!
    i have a camera on my list too :)

  3. email me! i want to ask you something fun! ;)