a letter to my 16 year old self

Inspired by Danielle and all of the #tweetyour16yearoldself tweets I wrote a letter to my 16 year old self. All of the tweets would have been overwhelming. Sadly time travel isn't real because I really could have used this letter back then.

Dear 16 year old self,

I know things are hard and you don't think you can do it anymore. You can. In a few years you will be the strongest, toughest girl you know so just hold on. Don't let your parents bad decisions make you feel confused and angry because in the end you will love them more for it. That lady you never hear from, you know, your Mother. Some day soon she will step up to the plate and save the day, then she wont stop doing that for the rest of your life. She will start showing up,  no more waiting or disappointment. Some day you will understand and learn from her mistakes.

Don't let boys get you down. You are beautiful and never fat and always better than them. I mean come on step back and look at the situation. In about a year you will meet one that will seem like the end all be all, you will fall in love and he will break your heart. But thats ok, it's part of what makes you stronger plus he becomes a waste case so don't beat yourself up too bad about it. I know it doesn't seem like it but you will find "the one" and the journey to figure that out will last roughly 5 years. It will all work out I promise. Someday you will be a happy little part time house wife who is 18 weeks pregnant with your first child. Just pay better attention when you go to Montreal.  Get it? Yeah I know but believe me you both change alot and it works so well now, oh and yes he moves back to America so that helps.

Let them come to you. Both with friends and boys. The heartache from both will be horrible at times. Don't let them get to you. Don't be friends with girls named Sarah or Karen. If someone does something horrible don't put up with it. Stop lying. I know it's hard but someday you will not lie about anything and it will also get you into trouble but a lot less believe me.

Stay in school, go to class, don't go to Oneonta go to the community college. Never stop drawing, never stop painting, never stop taking photographs, NEVER stop reading. I know walking into a school just gives you anxiety, so just stop and take a few deep breaths, remember why you are there and how much debit sucks. Learn to bake from scratch it will blow all anxiety out of the way. Just give away most of the baked goods because yes you will bake that much. Don't take ap chem its way to hard you hate chemicals. Take ap bio you can legally get out of cutting up a cat I promise. Work so hard in high school it will be worth it. Plus you will regret how horrible you did in your last year forever.

One last thing. Always believe in yourself. You are a fantastic person with a million awesome ideas. Write them all down, take a lot of pictures. Enjoy every moment of your life because it will be awesome. You will learn to love everything you hate. Living alone will be the best part of your life, besides being pregnant, so cherish it. Don't be afraid of silence or new things. And remember I love you.

Can't wait till you're me,
23 year old Casey


  1. Oh Casey I LOVED this- so well written and beautiful. And yes, like you said in your comment and here too, I so badly wish there was a way to get the letter to our old selves!

    Thanks so much for linking me to your letter, I loved reading it.

    Have a great day my friend.

  2. i definitely could save myself a lot of trouble, heartbreak, and stress if i could write my 16yr old self. this was awesome, casey!

    ps. im excited to hear about you being pregnant! i've been so out of the blog loop. sounds like youre doing wonderful. <3

  3. This is amazing! I wish a future me had written to the now-me, it'd be nice to have some guidance sometimes!

  4. Casey, love it! I wish there was time travel so that we could all go back and help our younger selves out!

  5. This is actually really inspiring, i love it.