post pregnancy excitement

A list of things I am excited for after Ivan is born:
  • planting a garden in our former weedy side yard
  • building a new wardrobe that makes me feel pretty every day
  • going on long walks with papa and baby bear
  • eating every meal on one of our two porches
  • iced coffee. lots of iced coffee
  • brie. i am going to eat 10lbs of it.
  • taking a trip to local wineries.
  • sleeping on my tummy.
  • kissing squishy little baby hands.
  • taking durden outside on a leash. cats on leashes will never stop being funny.
  • riding my bike. favorite summer time thing ever.
  • swimming in oswego at flat rock.
It will be the best summer so far. I am so looking forward to sharing it with our new expanded family.


  1. I'm so glad you're back from tumblr land! And your list sounds incredible!

  2. Lat night I had a dream that I was pregnant lol.

  3. Great list, my favorite is sleeping on your belly oh that's one of the main things I missed during my pregnancy lol.

  4. awww..ivan is a beautiful name. that's my hubbers name too :) congrats on your baby!