day in the life of

Here is an average day in the life of me.
6am- I have already been at work for 3 hours and have started to bake my bread.
 7am- Specialty breads are done.
 8am- I move on to the Italian bread and start to finish up my bake. It's Sunday so this bake is small and I get to go home after six hours.

9am-All packed up, doors locked and ready to go home.

 10am- Baby Ivan is happy in his swing  while I pick up the house.
 11am- The little bear gets dressed on this chilly spring day and is all smiles for it.

 Noon- It's nap time in the house, baby bear falls asleep in his bouncer and the kitties fall asleep with mama bear in the bed.

1pm- Showered finally and ready for our day! Working so early makes my day way out of order compared to normal peoples.
2pm- Dishes and cleaning up the house, I seem to do a lot of this.
 3pm- Pack up the diaper bag and head out to run errands and shop.
 4pm- I promise I'm not driving when this was taken.
 5pm- Out to dinner with papa bear where Ivan enjoys munching on his blanket the most.

 6pm- Bath time, last bottle of the day then off to bed for the mama and baby bear!


  1. It must feel great to have already earned your crust (!) whilst others are just going to earn theirs?

  2. You look so beautiful! I'm glad that everything is great in your life and your back to blogging.
    Also, I LOVE the photographs of your bread-amazing!