Dear Ivan, Month One

Dear Ivan,

Your first month went by far to quickly. The second day in the hospital you got your first bath which you hated, once we got home you soon grew to adore bath time. We went home after 24 hours and your Grandma Laurie stayed the first few days with us. The first two nights were some of the toughest. I wanted so desperately to breast feed you but you just seemed so starving all of the time. After the second night of you not sleeping because you were hungry a nurse from The Birth Place came to check on us and it was determined that I wasn't producing anything for you to eat. She called it a crisis situation. Your doctor had us supplement with a little bit of formula hoping that it would just take me a bit longer, sadly I never produced more than an once at a time for you and we now have you on formula only. It was the last thing I wanted but you didn't seem to mind and you are growing like a weed.
This month you spent a lot of time napping with me and Papa Bear showed you off to everyone he could. We went every where with you and you loved traveling. The car seat and stroller was one of your favorite places. There was some trouble getting you to sleep because of gas but we got special bottles and all was fine. You slept in your pack and play right next to me or I would sneak you into bed with me when Papa wasn't there.

Nana came down to see you all of the time. The three hour drive didn't bother her at all and she would call every day to check on you. Grandpa Brett and Grandma Jean came to see you at least once a week and helped Mama when she was tired. The first person to babysit you was your Aunt Lindsey at three weeks while Mama and Papa went book shopping and to lunch. Everyone kept telling us how fast time was going to fly by for us and it really was true.

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