off track!

I am falling off track with all of my goals for this year! I haven't uploaded photos in over a week! And I have not  been sketching at all. Jeeze! January is almost over I gotta get on this. Today my goals are to sketch for at least a half an hour, take pictures and upload them, buy a pretty dress and go thrifting for cute materials and clothing that could be made into cute dresses!

I shall leave with a super cute picture of Mustache. It's older but still awesome..



  1. I hear you...I feel like this week I went way off track with my "get in shape" resolution....beer at bf's band's show...pizza at work...2 nights with no gym...I'm afraid to weigh in tomorrow morning! :)

  2. ps- I gave you a blog award!


  3. i feel you on the goal thing too! my excuse has been not working out because its raining outside, but i need to get my bum out there! you will get back on track! cute lil cat. ♥

  4. I think getting into shape has to be the hardest goal beacuse you have to change so much about your life. And at first it's not fun. But its worth it and we can do it girls!

    Capow- Thank you I'm going to do that list today :)