to the future!

We made a big decision today! Come spring Mikey and I are going to be moving to the Lake George area of NY. That's where my mother lives and its beautiful! Hopefully we will find a cut little house in a small town filled with cute homey things. We might go south a little to Saratoga Springs where I know there are a bunch of bakeries to work in. There is a UPS in near there where maybe Mike could transfer to. I might even go back to doing hair. Who knows the possibilities are endless! I wish I had more time to write down all of my thoughts and ideas but bed time calls. I can't wait to have a spare few minutes to myself.

Night night,


  1. you're moving to my hood(ish)!! I live in Albany but my bf's relatives live n Lake George so we are there all summer. That is when we're not at the track in Saratoga!


  2. That's so awesome! We are really excited. Do you guys like it in that area?

  3. It's really pretty! I have to admit that from jan-march it can be difficult with gray skies and cold, but we really love it here. We've actually been talking of looking in Saratoga when we buy a house, but that is a ways off still. When you move here you should totally get in touch, I can let you know of cool local spots. And we (kind of) have a local etsy street team too. we're always looking for cool new members. Congrats again!