100th post!

Yippie its my 100th post!

Anyways.. The past few days were hard ones. But all is good in the land of Casey now. Wow that sounded lame haha! I'm a little behind in my 365 project but I'll make it all up.
Mikey and I fought all morning but finally figured it out. Then we spent the day watching Corpse Bride and Hellboy and cuddling. A perfect way to smooth things over :) Tonight I made Tofurkey Kielbasa with onions, peas and tons of curry powder! It was so yummy.
My granny squares are coming along so well! I have 30 of 80 made already and I'm zooming right along! I love crochet. It keeps me so calm when I'm having a bad day. I get all curled up in my chair and put on Weeds or Bones and all of the crazieness just smooths right down. This week I'm going to make Mikey and I hats like this one I made Mustache. His is going to be white because he's a polar bear and mine will be black or brown, I haven't decided yet!

Ok off to bed early with me!

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