week of 1/11/10 JUMPSTART

Yay I didn't do one of these last week and I felt lost :( So here goes this week!
Eight things I'm super excited about!

1) When I finally stop talking about making a quilt and make one I want one like this.Just different colors and maybe smaller squares.

2) I want this shirt. Mike got me into Rebel8. So much cool black and white line work. Beautiful.

3) I hope I am home to do this fun crafty project by Freckled Nest!

4) Awesome Artist Series embroidery patterns form Sublime Stitching! Go check this site out there is tons of awesome stuff!

5) I want to do this! Also from Sublime Stiching

6) I have fallen in love with Model Citizen Clothing, I want everything!

7) The Decemberists. I love this band. My friend showed me them a year ago and at least once a day they get played in this house. It is best on vinyl! Plus how cute are those dresses!? I wish I could get away with that in real life!

8) Pretty dresses! I need more! I think today is a good day for a nice dress shopping trip.

both from forever 21!

Yay now I'm excited!


  1. That muerte shirt is a good one. I hope you get it!

  2. Ooh - love your taste! I'm a huge fan of bits & bobbins & the decemberists for sure! I also wanted to thank you for showing Model Citizen some love! You are a doll xo - Bonnie Rue

  3. Natalia- You have it?! I am so jealous. I'm trying to get my boyfriend to buy it for me haha.