going all natural... well mostly

The other day after getting sick of using so many chemicals on my body all of the time I went out and bought this little facial kit. It's sold in Target and it's called Yes To Tomatoes. There is also Yes To Cucumbers and To Carrots. The Tomato is for oily/combination skin, cucumber for dry and carrot for normal. After using it for a few days and doing the mask once my face already feels so much softer! Totally did not expect this! I've been breaking out really bad lately so I'm hoping that it helps me out with that after a week or so.

This product is 99.4% natural and a lot of the ingredients are organic. Now that I have tested out something that is not filled with harsh chemicals and ingredients I can't pronounce I am thinking more about how women these days just bathe themselves in unnatural weird chemicals all day long. It can't be good for us can it? We wonder why there is all of this cancer and horrible stuff going on. Look at what we use! From here on out I am trying my hardest to stay away from anything that isn't mostly natural. I realize that in some things I use it just can't be avoided, so no setting unreachable goals. As a former hair dresser saying no to hair spray will be a challenge. Maybe just for special occasions. I've already cut down on makeup and hair styling products. For makeup I wear some light cover up, a powder and mascara. And for my hair I use Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Serum to help protect my hair.

Do any of you know of some good natural body products, or hair products? I would love to hear what you have used!



  1. Hmm I'm definitely going to have to try this. I've been breaking out like crazy lately!


  2. I use Dr. Bronner's for everything! Laundry, Shampoo, Facial Soap, Cleaning around the house....seriously, I use it for everything!

  3. yaaay you're back!! ;)
    i always see that yes to carrots at the store and i think i pick up the box and read it all every time too haha! i'm gonna have to give it a try...i feel like my skin is changing. i love alba products for my face! and i'm a huge fan of dr.bronners as well...its got a million uses, it even says so on the bottle! aaand...i just so happen to know of this awesome vegan/natural bath and body product line that isn't only friendly to you and the planet...but it smells divine!!! ;)

  4. Thanks ladies! I'll have to give that stuff a try :)

  5. I have the Yes to Carrots lotion. I love love it! I am happy to see that there is a facial set that I can get thanks!!

  6. love the natural stuff. when my face started breaking out I used burt's bees herbal blemish stick (also sold at target) to help make the blemishes shrink. I only apply it at night b/c it has a sharp smell and it's a little oily, but like good oils. you should try it! sorry, i sound like a commercial, ha! :)

  7. Awesome post. I'm still in search for the perfect skin regimen so I can't wait to try this one out.