i made sadie a crazy cat lady sweater!

The poor little puppy is so cold! She is half toy poodle and half aussie terrier and whoever thought that was a good mix did not think it through. She has no meat on her bones like a poodle, unlike a poodle she does not have the right hair to keep her warm! Sadie spent the first two cold days hiding under a blanket, although cute it was sad so i made her a nice little sweater that looks like a crazy cat lady should be wearing it. She LOVES it. If she isn't wearing it and you pick it up she runs over to you and starts jumping up and down with excitement. Seems that I'll have to make her a few more, maybe even some little booties for when it snows.

We are having a bit of trouble with training her. The lady we got her from would leave Sadie in her kennel for 10 hours a day and only took her outside 3 times the whole 6 months she had her. Where did she go potty you ask? She goes on a piddle pad. And yes, it is very hard to train a dog to not go on a training pad. We also think that she was beaten before we got her. Anytime you raise your voice, use a negative tone or pick up a stick like object she gets really scared and runs into her kennel. I couldn't imagine the kind of person who would hit a 5 pound dog who constantly looks sad anyways!

Hopefully in the next few months we will get all of this worked out. For now we will love her with all of our hearts and show her that she will never be harmed again.

I love you Sadie!
-Casey K


  1. seriously? you're the cutest ever! i am still so excited you're making a baby in your little oven!!
    p.s. sadie is SO getting an xmas present from us this year! or hanukkah if she's jewish...i'd hate to offend her holiday preferences. ;)

  2. poor little thing :/ i hope things get better. it's always hard with abused animals. that sweater is adorable, and she is as well.

  3. awwww! good luck sadie! Your sweater is the bomb!